Saturday, November 19, 2005

Book List, Jan 3 2005-Feb 28 2005

My apologies, I don't know why I forgot to do this, but although my notes are categorised by library, I forgot to key my table.

The following is in order of publication.
Allen Chapman The Radio Boys' First Wireless New York Grosset and Dunlap 1922
Ruthven Todd Space Cat New York Charles Scribner's Sons 1952
Raymond F. Jones Son of the Stars Philadelphia John Winston Company 1952
Walter R. Brooks Freddy and the Space Ship New York Alfred A. Knopf 1953
Ellen MacGregor Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea New York, Toronto, London Mc Graw-Hill 1953
M.E. Patchett Adam Troy, Astroman London Lutterworth Press 1954
Charles Coombs Mystery of Satellite 7 Philadelphia Westminster Press 1957
John Parke The Moon Ship New York Pantheon Books 1958
Don Freeman Space Witch New York Viking Press 1959
Jerome Beatty Jr. Matthew Looney's Voyage to Earth New York William R. Scott Inc. 1961
Robert Silverberg Revolt on Alpha C New York Scholastic 1963
Donald A. Wollheim Mike Mars Around the Moon Garden City, NY Doubleday & Co. Inc. 1964
Jeff Brown Flat Stanley New York, Evanston and London Harper & Row Publishers 1964
Jerome Beatty Jr. Matthew Looney's Invasion of Earth New York avon, Heart Books 1965
Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell Miss Pickerell On the Moon New York, Toronto, London Mc Graw-Hill 1965
Suzanne Martel The City Underground New York Viking Press 1965
Lester del Rey Tunnel Through Time New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo Scholastic 1966
Carol Ryrie Brink Andy Buckram's Tin Men New York The Viking Press 1966
Eleanor Cameron Time and Mr.Bass (a Mushroom Planet Book) Boston/Toronto Little, Brown and Company 1967
John Christopher The White Mountains New York, Toronto, London MacMillan 1967
John Christopher The City of Gold and Lead New York, Toronto, London MacMillan 1967
A.M. Lightner The Space Ark New York G.P. Putnnams 1968
John Christopher The Pool of Fire New York, Toronto, London MacMillan 1968
Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell Miss Pickerill Harvest the Sea New York, Toronto, London Mc Graw-Hill 1968
Jack Williamson Trapped in Space New York Doubleday & Co. Inc. 1968
D. S. Halacy Rocket Rescue New York W. W Norton 1968
Robert Cham Gilman The Rebel of Rhada New York Harcourt Brace and World Inc 1968
Ross Olney (ed) Tales of Time and Space Racine, WI Western Publishing Co. 1969
D. S. Halacy Return from Luna New York W. W Norton 1969
Robert Cham Gilman The Navigator of Rhada New York Harcourt Brace and World Inc 1969
Robert Cham Gilman The Starkhan of Rhada New York Harcourt Brace and World Inc 1970
N. Roy Clifton The City Beyond the Gates Richmond, Ontario Scholastic 1971
Piers Anthony Race Against Time New York Hawthorn Books Inc 1973
Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell Miss Pickerill Meets Mister Hum New York, Toronto, London Mc Graw-Hill 1974
O.T. Nelson The Girl Who Owned a City New York Dell 1975
Ben Bova End of Exile New York E.P. Dutton & Co.Inc. 1975
Hope Campbell Legend of Lost Earth New York Four Winds Press 1977
Alexei Panshin Rites of Passage New York Ace 1978
Josephine Rector Stone Those Who Fall From the Sun New York Atheneum 1978
Nicholas Fisk Escape From Splatterbang New York Simon & Schuster 1978
William Sleator Into the Dream New York E.P. Dutton & Co.Inc. 1979
Frank Bonham The Forever Formula New York E.P. Dutton & Co.Inc. 1979
Jim Slater The Boy Who Saved Earth New York Dell 1979
Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell Miss Pickerill Tackles the Energy Crisis New York, Toronto, London Mc Graw-Hill 1980
John Rowe Townsend King Creature,Come Oxford New York 1980
Jill Paton Walsh The Green Book Basingstoke MacMillan 1981
Jean E. Karl But We Are Not of Earth New York E.P. Dutton & Co.Inc. 1981
Martyn Godfrey The Vandarian Incident Richmond Hill, Canada Scholastic 1981
Alfred Slote Clone Catcher New York J. P. Lippincote 1982
Suzanne Martel Robot Alert Toronto Kids Can Press 1982
Rosemary Harris A Quest for Orion Harmondsworth, Mdx Puffin Plus 1982
Monica Hughes Space Trap Toronto and Vancouver A Groundwood Book 1983
Jerome Beatty Jr. The Tunnel to Yesterday New York Avon, Camelot 1983
Malcolm Edwards (ed) Constellations: Stories of the Future Harmondsworth, Mdx Puffin 1983
Steve Jackson Starship Traveller Harmondsworth, Mdx Puffin 1983
Nicholas Fisk On the Flip Side Harmondsworth, Mdx Puffin 1983
Nancy Etchemendy Stranger from the Stars New York Avon 1983
Martyn Godfrey Alien War Games Richmond Hill, Canada Scholastic 1984
Peter Baltensperger Guardians of Time Toronto Three Trees Press 1984
Sandy Landsman The Gadget Factor New York Atheneum 1984
Bernal C. Payne Trapped in Time New York Archway, Simon & Schuster 1984
Brian Ball The Doomship of Drax London Heinemann 1985
Linda Woolverton Star Wind Boston Houghton Mifflin Co. 1986
Vonda McIntyre Barbary Boston Houghton Mifflin Co. 1986
Ged Maybury Time Twister Auckland Ashton Scholastic 1986
Graham Oakley Henry's Quest London and Basingstoke MacMillan 1986
Stephen P. Kramer How to Think Like a Scientist New York Thomas Y. Crowell 1987
Louise Lawrence Star Lord London The Bodley Head 1987
Brian Earnshaw Starclipper and the Galactic Final London Methuen 1987
Pamela Sargent Alien Child New York Harper & Row Publishers 1988
Paul Samuel Jacobs Born into Light London Scholastic 1988
Gillian Rubenstein Space Demons New York Pocket Books 1989
Hugh Scott Why Weeps the Brogan? London Walker Books 1989
Daniel Sernine Those Who Watch Over the Earth Windsor, ONT Black Moss Press 1990
Daniel Sernine Argus Steps in Windsor, ONT Black Moss Press 1990
Kenneth Oppel The Live-Forever Machine Toronto Kids Can Press Ltd 1990
Nick Barron Glory's End (Robert Silverberg's Time Tours) New York Harper Collins 1990
Pamela F. Serviss Under Alien Stars New York Ballantine 1990
Jane Yolen 2041 New York Delacourte Press 1991
Michael Bedard Redwork Toronto Lester Publishing Ltd. 1992
Bev Spencer Guardian of the Dark Richmond Hill, Canada Scholastic 1993
Wendy Orr A Light in Space Toronto and New York Annick Press 1994
Eric Rohman Time Flies New York Crown Publishers Inc. 1994
George Bowering Parents From Space Montreal Roussan Publishers Inc. 1994
Susan Price Coming Down to Earth Harper Collins London 1994
Margaret Bechard Star Hatchling New York Viking Press 1995
Catherine Dexter Alien Game New York Morrow 1995
Cherry Wilder The Luck of Brin's Five Sydney Harper Collins 1995
Mel Childen Blubb and the Amazing Morphing Machine New York Pocket Books 1996
Pete Hautman Mr. Was New York Simon & Schuster 1996
Charles Sheffield and Jerry Pournelle Higher Education New York Tor 1996
Christine Chaille & Lory Britain The Young Child as Scientist: A Constructivist Approach to Early Childhood Science Education New York London 1997
Kimberley Fuller Home New York Tor 1997
Charles Sheffield Putting Up Roots New York Tor 1997
David Almond Skellig UK Hodder 1998
Edward Willet Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rockstar Montreal Roussan Publishers Inc. 1999
Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore Star Bores US and UK Element Children's Books 1999
Rhiannon Lassiter Hex: Shadows Basingstoke MacMillan 1999
Stephen Elboz The Tower o Moonville Oxford OUP 1999
Maggie Pearson Omega Seven London Hodder 1999
James P. Hogan Outward Bound New York Tor 1999
Rhiannon Lassiter Hex: Ghosts Basingstoke MacMillan 2000
Chris Wooding Endgame Scholastic London 2000
Louise Cooper Mirror Mirror: Breaking Through London Hodder 2000
Louise Cooper Mirror Mirror: Running Free London Hodder 2000
Judy Allen The Blue Death: th true story of a terrifying epidemic London Hodder Children's Books 2001
Kate Thompson The Missing Link London Red Fox 2001
Ann Carroll Rosie's War Dublin Poolbeg Press 2002
Vivian Vande Velde Heir Apparent New York Magic Carpet Books, Harcourt Inc., 2002
Diane Browne A Tumbling World…A Time of Fire Jamaica Arawak 2002
Sandra Glover e-[t] mail London Andersen Press 2002
Kate Thompson Only Human London Red Fox 2002
Troon Harrison Eye of the Wolf Markha, Ontario Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2003
Jamila Gavin The Wormholers London Egmont Books 2003
Helen Ward (ill. Wayne Anderson) The Dragon Machine London Templa Publishing 2003
Jan Wahl (illustrated by Kimbery Schamber) Rabbits on Mars Minneapolis Carolrhoda Books Inc., Lerner Publishing Group 2003
Dav Pilker Captain Underpantsand the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy. Part 1 New York Scholastic 2003
Dav Pilker Captain Underpantsand the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy. Part 2 New York Scholastic 2003
Susan Gates A brief History of Slime London Puffin 2003
Glynne MacLean Roivan Auckland Penguin 2003
Lesley Sims Puzzle Journeyinto Space London Usborne Ltd 2003
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu Zahrah the Windseeker Boston Houghton Mifflin Co. 2003
Margaret Peterson Haddix Escape from Memory New York Simon & Schuster 2003
Kenneth Oppel Airborn New York Harper Collins 2004
Beverly Wood and Chris Wood DogStar Vancouver Polestar, Raincoat Books 2004
Oisin McGann The Gods and Their Machines Dublin The O'Brien Press 2004
Richard Scrimger The Boy From Earth Toronto Tundra Books 2004
Tom Henigan Mercury Man Toronto Dundurn 2004
Beth Goobie Flux Victoria, BC Orca Books 2004
J. Fitzgerald McCurry The Fire Demons: The Mole Wars Book One New York Harper Collins 2004
Eoin Colfer The Supernaturalist New York Hyperion 2004
Conor Kostilk Epic Dublin O'Brien Press 2004
Rhiannon Lassiter Outland Oxford OUP 2004
Jan Mark Useful Idiots London David Fickling Books 2004
Nicola Morgan Sleepwalking London Hodder 2004
Susan Gates Dusk London Puffin 2004
Susan Gates The Spud From Outer Space London Penguin 2004
Scott Westerfield Midnighters New York Eos 2004
Meredith Sue Willis The City Built of Starships Montmmayor Press Milburn, NJ 2004
Oisin McGann The Harvest Tide Project Dublin O'Brien Press 2004
Kate Thompson Origins London Red Fox 2004
Nancy Werlin Double Helix London Puffin Sleuth 2004
Nick Wood The Stone Chameleon 2004
Ann Halam Siberia London Orion 2005
Philip Reeve Infernal Devices London Scholastic 2005
Fay Sampson Them Oxford Lion Publishing 2005
L J Addlington The Diary of Pelly-D London Hodder 2005
Herve Jubert Devil's Tango London Hodder 2005
Ben Jeapes New world Order London David Fickling Books 2005
Marcus Sedgwick Floodland London Dolphin pbs, Orion 2005
Catherine Taylor Thirst Markham, Ontario Fitzhenry and Whiteside 2005
Megan E. Bryant Space Princess Cosma: Sparkle Surprise Party (with stickers) New York Grisset & Dunlap 2005
Malorie Blackman Whizzywig and Whizziwig Returns Random House London 2005
Susan Price Odin's Voice London Simon & Schuster 2005